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In the last ten years we have had four professional photography sessions taken of our family to help document the different stages of our children's lives. The session with Martha was our best "family portrait" experience by far. Martha is so talented and creative! We shot in her fabulous studio and outside for a total of two hours and she was able to get some heart warming black & white and color images of us all. A great combination of candid shots as well as posed portraits. We look relaxed and happy in all of our shots. My kids were dancing, giggling, jumping and having fun while she got it all on film. Martha was very fun to work with and was able to keep everyone happy during the entire shoot (even my husband). She has a wonderful eye and really managed to capture the personality of each us. A week after the shoot, we went back to her studio where she presented us with the a digital "show" of the shoot. The amount of work Martha puts into creating the perfect photograph is amazing. She crops, retouches, adjusts, and converts to black and white... all with your input. It was a very personal experience from beginning to end. The photographs were better than we imagined. There were literally too many wonderful images to choose from! We were also pleased with the professional framing and valued her ideas on how to present our new masterpieces. What a wonderful way to document our lives here in Singapore. - Dale Najarian

Hi Martha, We love the photos sooo, so much! And the girls ( including me, think you are so cool... I am sure Mario does too , but he wasnt around to agree, hehe)You are so talented, your work is important not only because it's incredibly beautiful, it's special because it documents and keeps visual memories of what matters the most : life and family ! Thank you for bringing out the best of all of us and helping us to build our memories through your beautiful and talented eyes! We love the way you portray feelings and moods, the composition flows and fills up the spaces nicely! But most of all our way of using colors is something I am really, really impressed by! I am a big fan of B&W and somehow today I had to let that go and embrace your fantastic color palette...Many thanks again,xxx Heloiza[Heloiza Montouri, artist]

Morning love, I have faxed ___the pictures selected. I will call him now to get them over to you. Oh and by the way, AWESOME JOB!!! They totally rock…[Stefanie Hauger, owner, Vanilla Home]

Hi Martha - We received Sabrina's First Holy Communion book! Martha...OMG!!! You really outdid is absolutely beautiful. Perfect in every way. Thank you so much for all of the time & attention that you put into making her keepsake book so special. Now, I can't wait to show it off to everyone! Of course, my mom totally fell in love with it...I think she's looked at it 50 times has Sabrina...we all have! :)Thank you Thank you Thank you!Pam[Pamela Steele, Singapore]