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The Art of Family: In my Words

'Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home'  -Matsuo Basho

A few years ago, I began to pay attention to regular feedback I was hearing from my clients, related to something I was feeling myself. While they loved their family portraits, they didn't feel the images did justice to their journeys. My clients are typically global families, who have had exceptional journeys. Often they are blended, either culturally, or with children from more than one partner, or through adoption. Most have lived in many countries. Typically they have  extensive, personal photographic archives, and they want to do something with them. Something extraordinary. Something worthy of their journeys, and their families. Something to unify their experiences, to capture their spirit, the essence of their family life.

My clients believe, as I do, that their families are their greatest works of art. They want to create something, a showpiece, that speaks to that deep believe.

I have been a portrait photographer for nearly 20  years, making beautiful pictures of wonderful people. But I have also come to understand that the lovely images I create are static. They are renderings of a usually staged moment, and do not encapsulate the joy, growth and nuance of journey.

My new work takes a turn away from the linear, and draws deeply on my skills as a fine artist.

Tapping my clients' own photographic archives for raw material, I create totally bespoke, gallery-worthy worksof art for them, legacy pieces worthy of their walls.

When needed, I work with a team of excellent artisans, designers, printers and framers to make individual works of fine art for my clients that feature their personal adventures and their families.

The process is really more simple than you might think. Enjoy the growing gallery of this work. These pieces are all on a commission basis. Please contact me here to consult with me if you are interested